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man, what a great site. i also have a forums, but it deals more specifically with guns. you guys can check it out if you like

come check it out, register and make yourself at home!

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sounds like spam to me....

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i believe spam either comes in the forum of email or out of a can.

if i were a spammer, id have emailed you. i just commented that i thought this was an outstanding site, and that ive also got a forums site.

souldnt be any competition either, as this is a HUNTING site, and my site is a FIREARMS AND GUNSMITHING site.

anyway, i was going to email the admin here and ask him if hed like to do a link exchange. im also going to be opening up 2 HUGH firearms auction sites in the near future that will make gunsamerica,auction arms and gunbroker look like 3 day highschool projects.

anyway, feel free to surf on over and check it out.

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