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Believe This

JackSpellman wrote:
I don't believe we have the right to kill Billions of animals each year, simply for the luxury of taste. I greatly appreciate anyone who would like to respond tactfully and tastefully. I can't respond to people who just yell, curse and flame because it will waste everyone's time and not help either side. Best, Spellman
First off you talk about killing BILLIONS of animals each year for food (luxury of taste) Have you checked out the PETA site to see haw many animals they have killed when they claim to be saviours of animals ?? Have you got leather seats in your vehicle and fine leather shoes or a jacket made of leather ?? In the beginning there was those who hunted food and those who gathered food. From what i read here you never evolved from being one who gathered food, but i evolved to gather and hunt my food. So now i dont have to take vitamin supplements for my iron, and wild meat is better for you than some processed soy drink or tofu. You should really look at all the chemicals used in some processed foods which are allowed in the USA and CANADA then you may understand why we choose to eat free ranging animals that we harvest ourselves. In closing i would like to wish you the best in the choices you made or will make and i will continue to eat the meat that i harvest and vegetables that i grow. A country boy can survive

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Billion's of animals? You

Billion's of animals? You have to be counting slaughter houses for livestock and poultry? Even then billion's is a pretty big number I doubt we get to. If you think we kill that many animaal's, how many veggie's do we kill? They are living to! One of the facts of life is that for something to live, something else must die! No getting around that.

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The Great Debate ???

I saw on another Forum where this guy made the exact post as his original post here.

He responded a few times and then was BANNED AS A TROLL!!

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I think the billions argument does come into play. Does mr.Spellman have a garden? Whether he gets dirt on his hands raising his veggies or not. Every earthworm and bug that crawls in the ground dies when a tiller grinds it up! So take your Murdering hypocrisy somewhere else. Nothing lives without something being killed. Just because you don't see it only make's you a fool. On the off chance you believe the Bible to be the word of God read Genesis 27 vs 2-4. They read like this Isaac said I am now an old man and don't know the day of my death.Now then get you weapons your quiver and bow and go out to the open country to hunt some wild game for me. That's good enough for me.

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I love how anti-hunters have no problems with millions of acres of natural habitat and wetland destroyed so Men could chase around golf balls with sticks where hunters who tend to be the best stewards of nature and conservationist are crucified! The world is absolutely not prepared to handled feeding the masses a vegetarian diet let alone the tremendous enviromental impact that not "thinning" the herd would create. To be blunt I enjoy it so go enjoy your Granola while I eat my burger!

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The Great Debate

Let me look in the mirror for a second...yep, I've got incisors and canines.  End of story.

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It's natural for man to want

It's natural for man to want to hunt for food. If you don't feel that way? You should have your testosterone checked.

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