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Great deal on a quality scope

There is a sale on the fine Bushnell Elite 4200 3-9X40 scope going on now at Cabelas ($199). This is the normal price for the lower series Elite 3200 3-9x40. I've owned one of these 4200s for about two or three years now and find it to be a very good quality scope. This particular size, 3-9X40 has always been a good deal in the 4200 line normally selling for about $100 less than the very similar 2.5-10X40. At it's $199 sale price now, it's selling for $180 less than the sale price at Cabelas on the true 4X (4200 series is supposed to be a 4X range) 2.5-10X40 ($379 which is $50 off the normal price there).

You might also check the prices on other internet dealers like Midway or Bear Basin for both these scopes to make a fair comparison (along with the reviews). My second one arrived today and I am more than happy with this great value on an excellent scope. Yes