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Great article for non-lead bullets


Here is a good article I found on non lead bullets over at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation website.

This echoes very much what some of the astute hunters and shooters have said on this forum.

I would say - to summarize this article - that non lead bullets are here to stay and while they will not likely replace lead / copper bullets, it will be very hard to put the genie back in the bottle.

I do not say copper bullets - I say non lead - because reading this article really helped me understand more about these new bullets - and also helped me to understand just how little I really know about bullets and their overall performance...

Hope you like it...





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That was a very good article!

That was a very good article! Couple quesions though. I don't think Speer makes a non-lead bullet yet either. And Randy Brooks is way behind on the use of solid copper bullet's. In one of P.O.Ackley's books he talks about the solid copper bullet's he made in 17 cal many years befor Randy ever thought of it. Ackley's bullets were turned on a lathe one at a time. Randy did greatly improve on them.

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