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In my opinion, The best post

In my opinion,

The best post I seen was by exbio : The great white buffalo

The most helpful poster was: critter

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I agree that Exbio and

I agree that Exbio and Critter have been the most helpful but they always are.

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I find the posters on this

I find the posters on this site to be helpful and respectful, traits that are rare in anonymous settings such as this one.

I should note that all moderators (like exbio) have been given the chance to participate in the BGH Grand Slam Contest if they wish. The condition is that the mods must excuse themselves from moderating duties during the time frame that a mod wishes to participate. That is to prevent any conflict of interest. To date, I don't believe any mod has chosen that option, but they all have that opportunity available to them if they wish to compete for points, they simply cannot moderate at the same time.

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July contest round has now

July contest round has now ended - look for the winners list here under the announcements. The August round of prizes will be posted in a new topic.

Thank you to everyone that participated and good luck in the future rounds!

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IMO in order to win this

IMO in order to win this competition you pretty much have to flood the site with useless information. I think the rules need to be changed a bit. One would have to reply to pretty much every post on here in the last month to even get top 10.:rotest1

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And how would you suggest the

And how would you suggest the rules be changed? Have you looked at the rules to see what generates the highest number of points? Stories and submitted tips are the highest, and we do screen for quality. Not everything that is submitted is published. Same goes for posts & comments, many get deleted.

There are multiple ways to submit and participate, including setting up photo galleries. The folks that generate the most points are active and do submit and participate in multiple ways.

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I think that all you have to

I think that all you have to do is live on the computer and make a lot of nonsence post and ask the same question that has already been asked 20 times.  The site could just do away with the search function since no one uses it anymore. 

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Same question for you

Same question for you Critter, what would you do to improve the contest? You won in the last round, was it that hard? Do you feel you resorted to posting nonsense?

Most of the posts have been positive, we don't see a problem with that. Some may be brief and even repeats of topics that have been posted previously (or maybe even a long time ago) but we've always had those types of posts. That has not changed with this contest. We've always had new folks wander in that basically post questions that have been asked many times before.

Our goal with the contest was to create a fun way to interact and share and possibly win some great prizes. Some folks do have much more time than others to play on the site, but we can't stop that, nor do we want to discourage people from interacting and posting. And like I told alpine archer there are many ways to participate, posting on the forums is not the only way to generate points. Submitting stories and tips will generate a lot more points - and a lot more quickly.

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im wating for

im waiting for some one to make a topic asking how many squares of  tolit paper do you take in the feild and witch pocket do you keep it in. that would be the iceing on the cake! since this grand slam contest has arrived it has attracked alot of points ropers who make up b/s post that are flooding the forms. when i joined this sight all the topics and post where lagitament and helpful still alot of the vetrens of this sight still give out solid gold info like exbioligest and hoggeter, they have been most helpful to me! but sadly they are being left in the dust by a bunch of "new faces" roping all the points they can get by asking questions like "if you where a bird, what kind of bird would you be" come on!!! then the same question just re worded diffrently. its nice to see a bunch of people useing the sight but it sucks to see it fill with trash post. this is just an idea but you could use the radio contest rules "once you win you have too wait so long untill you can win again". i bet  you would see a decrece in b/s post and topics. i love this sight and would like to see it get back on the right foot. the contest is cool its nice to see the admin doin all this for the users, but from what i have seen lately, this contest could take a hike and i wouldnt shed a tear. id rather be a knowlegable sportsman then a yahoo with a new toy that i didnt earn. just my "2 cent"     

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I have read the rules in fact

I have read the rules in fact I read them before I suggested changing them. I'm not sure on how they should be changed but I do know that its flooded the forum with alot of uneeded posts. It's hard to weed out the good information from the bs now. I understand that submitting stories and hints generates alot more points, but thats not the problem I'm seeing.

I liked how one could log on before get some great advice and see some great hutning tips without having to dig through several pages of posts of useless information. It's great that the contest has generated more involvement on the site, but I for one believe in quality over quantity.

Like critter and BA have said the search feature is no longer being used because people are starting a new thread just to generate points. Without seeing if the subject has been discussed before.

Maybe the members should vote on the top 10 points leaders to see who should be the top winners each month by quality of the information and helpfulness like the rules state in the first place.

If the sponsers want to hand out products like they are now rewarding redudancy and lack of thought well thats their business. I just don't see this leading into the right direction for the forum in the future. After the grandslam challenge is through and over the forums are going to be filled with 75% crap posts and the rest good information thats going to have to be weeded through.

Sorry if I've offended anyone, and again this is just my personal opinion. I'm not really sure of what to do but I think what's going on in the past few weeks needs to be moderated a bit more.

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