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Grand Slam Challenge Contest

The BigGameHunt Grand Slam Challenge Contest is taking a break for a few months. In the meantime we'll be brainstorming new ways to make it more exciting and challenging, but for now we're going to give it a rest. We know - some of you are going to have some serious withdrawal symptoms, hang in there... Thumbs up

If anyone has some creative ideas, you're welcome to post here or PM us. We've never liked the idea of just having drawings, since our goal has always been to build a community to discuss hunting and share ideas. So any future contest would still be based on some type of sharing and participation.

We hope everyone has enjoyed the competition and the prizes for their efforts.

BigGameHunt.net would like to again acknowledge and thank all the sponsors that contributed by donating some awesome prizes.

Here is the current Grand Slam page with links at the bottom to all the previous contests, along with sponsors and prizes.

We hope to continue seeing everyone here on BGH! Continue posting your stories, tips and photos. We enjoy them as much as all the visitors to BGH.

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Oh, I think we'll manage to

Oh, I think we'll manage to survive. :wink:  I have a few hunts planned the next few months, so that will take up some time.

Thanks again!  I don't plan on going anywhere, and will still be around living vicariously through eveyone else's stories... lol

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  I have enjoyed your


I have enjoyed your contests very much... but they are only one great facet of your entire web site operation.  While I will miss your contests - You will have my continued attention and involvment on BGH - guaranteed!  Thanks BGH!  Thumbs up



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Sounds good to me and I am

Sounds good to me and I am sure you all will come up with something exciting and new.  There are alot of geese around right now...so i think I will find another way to pass some time.

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Thank you

Thank you for your hard work putting together and moderating the contests. 


Over the last few months, BGH has become the hunting site that I go to for information and sharing my experiences with my fellow hunting fans.  It is a great group of folks here, so I won't be going anywhere else whether there is a contest running on any given day or not! Thumbs up

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Ditto here. I have truly

Ditto here. I have truly enjoyed the opportunity to share some of my hunting and outdoor experiences with others and to read about theirs. It's really great to read about both new and veteran hunters and huntresses and to feel the excitement and joy that they have when pursuing some of the critters that were are blessed to have on Earth.

 Thanks BGH for the great contests, and I look forward to whatever you come up with next. Yes


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No problem here at all. The

No problem here at all. The contests have been great but it's just a bonus for us. I will be in nearly every day no matter what else is going on. 

Thank you again for all you guys do for us on here,

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Great job so far guys so take

Great job so far guys so take a knee over the holidays and looking forward to what is to come. I have enjoyed the site since joining a few months back and have no plans to stop being on it. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to all.

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