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The microSD chips I'm talking

The microSD chips I'm talking about only work on a Garmin GPS.  The chip also comes with an insert that it goes in and that can be plugged into the full size chip area of the Garmin Street Pilot I have in my truck.  I don't need anything fancy like some of the guys have mentioned and bought the Legend HCx on sale for $153 to my door through Amazon.com.  It was an upgrade from my old Legend that was only one color and was starting to lock up on me.  The new one cost less on that website than the old one did. 

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Thanks guys

This is really helpful. Hunting maps seems like the way to go. But before shelling out the dough for the cards and better gps, I am curious if anyone has used the Cabela's recon hunt for the I Phone? It like $4. I'd gladly buy $25 worth of extra batteries rather than the $$ for a new GPS and hunting maps card. Not necessarily opposed to doing that if I have to, but the Cabela recon info on their website is really intriguing. So, just curious if ther is anyone out there with experience w/Cabela's. Thx.