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Government Drops Case Against Ted Stevens

This comes as no big surprise to a lot of Alaskans -- the case against Ted Stevens has been dropped.

This thing was a political hatchet job from the beginning. For example, when the FBI "raided" his home, it could have obtained a key from the Anchorage staff. But instead the media was notified so they could be out there taking pictures while they used a locksmith to break in. Then there's things like insisting that the trial be held in D.C. instead of Alaska, timing the trial and conviction to happen just prior to the election, etc.

Then there was significant prosecutorial misconduct, which Ted was fighting the whole time. The prosecutors in this case have been acting like Mike Nifong all along -- to include playing to the media.

Once again, the politics of scandal have been used to get a Republican out of office before the wheels of justice exonorate him. And now that the Democrats got their senate seat and Alaska has lost its seniority in the Senate, the Justice department has an Emily Litella moment and says, "Oops...never mind."

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