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Got my Prize!

Got a wonderful surprise on my doorstep yesterday.  With all the Christmas shopping and planing, I had totally forgot I had something coming in the mail, and it was nice to see something addressed to me Yes

Love the rangefinder!!!  I had been wanting to buy one for over a year, but never pulled the trigger!  Played with it inside the house last night, and it's clear, and easy to use.  Brought it to work today to play in the light. Dancing

One more archery hunt this year, and it will be with me in the woods.  Having never used one, I think I might be surprised on what I have guessed for distances in my hunting spots.

Thanks to BGH for the website, and Webyshops and Bushnell for the continued support and prizes!  As alot of us have said, it's the most well rounded site on the web for coast to coast information on hunting!!!!  A great little community!!!

Edit:  You said you wanted photos, so here's one.  I am taking my own photo, so I can't be in it for now... lol



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Ciongrats!  And you are right.  This site ROCKS! Thumbs up

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Congratulations on yours. I

Congratulations on yours. I actually got mine a couple of days ago. I tried to play with the night vision a little but but the moons been to bright and to many lights to really get a feel for it.

Thanks to BGH and the sponsors for providing the prize as I'm sure I'm going to have a lot of fun with it.