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Got My Mount Today

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Got My Mount Today

That's Awesome Yes Looks real good Thumbs up

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Got My Mount Today

That came out great! I think that will be the next one I get.

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Got My Mount Today

Nice hooks on that bird! The first mount I ever had done was a strutting mount. I have since given it away. After years of complaints by my kids and wife about it eating up the whole corner of our living room I sent it on to one of the lodges I work for occaisionally. In retrospect if I was going to do another strutting tye mount I think i would opt for the limb strutting pose so it could be hung on the wall and not take up square footage in the room. Its just a big mount and hard to place unless you have just the right spot for it.

I am having the Osceola I killed this past spring mounted in a flying mount. Its always been my personal favorite as it shows off the back feathers colors and all that great wing color. The downfall is it doesnt give you a great look at the hooks. That can be good if your mounting a tom with inferior hooks though.

Looks like the taxidermist did a pretty good job on your bird. Little tip I learned on keeping my avian mounts looking sharp. Spra a little wd 40 on a wing feather and brush him down occaisionally. It takes the dust off and puts a very lifelike sheen back on the feathers. Not much mind you .

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Got My Mount Today

Nice! Yes

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Got My Mount Today

Very nice, I love the Morrels too. I still have a TX Rio in the freezer I shot this year I can't make up my mind on mounting or not.

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Got My Mount Today

VERY NICE ! Planning on doing a breast mount this spring with 1 of the bird's I shoot because the wife said NO to a full body

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Got My Mount Today

Very nice. Great looking Turkey you have there. Thumbs up

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