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Got my flashlight

 I got the Surefire G3 Nitrolon flashlight.  Thanks.  I waited for Scruffy to take my picture with it until he was off from work for the weekend as he has been working overtime.  Went to take my picture with it while I was posed under hood of van and the flashlight would not work.  I tried it once when I got it and it worked fine.  I did not keep it on and it did not drop.  I contacted Surefine, but haven't heard anything yet.  Just letting you know that when I get it to work or figure out what went wrong, I will get my picture taken with it and post the picture. Confused

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sounds like a loose contact


It sounds to me like your new flashlight might have a loose contact.  Just for fun take teh batteries and bulb out and see if anything is obviouslky loose.  If not put it all back in and there's a real good chance it will work just fine.  Let us know how you make out!


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