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Got my Bino's!!!

I was returning to the house on Saturday, and lo and behold, there was a Fedex truck in my driveway.  I guess my Bino's were being delivered.... Wink

A big thanks to Camera Land and BGH!!!!  The binos are crystal clear, and relatively compact.  The toughest decision is what to do with them now, since I just bought a pair last fall. 

However, I can leave a pair in each of my vehicles, since I always manage to forget them at one time or another.  That way I will be covered, no matter which ride I take... lol

Thanks again!!!


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Hey thats sweet, Congrats on

Hey thats sweet, Congrats on the new bino's.

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Congrats on the new

Congrats on the new glasses...it is always nive to have a pair in all the vechiles...you never know what you may come across.

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