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Got my 4th cheezy CVA - an Optima!

Ya me to I have only hunted with BP for some time to be exact a 1752 Cumberland long gun in flint

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Got my 4th cheezy CVA - an Optima!

I brought a Optimal 50.cal two months ago, tried several bullets and powder. It took me about a 100 rounds to get the barrel smoothed out,

I finally stuck with 150grs. of powder (cleanshot, I don't if they are still in business) bought the powder 3 years ago. 250gr T/C shockwave bullet. best group 2 1/2 inches at 150 yards. 3x9x40 bushnell banner scope.

I shot a 5pt. yesterday with it, totally ruin that buck's day. Shot was at 125 (ranged it) buck dropped in it tracks. Buck dressed out 150lbs. I love to black powder hunt, it's great to load your own powder/bullet and make a great shot. All my rifles are single-shot's 30-06, 25-06 is what i use during regular gun season. I bought a 29in. 45cal barrel for the optima going to do some testing on it, now since my son and I have put two in the freezer. He has an old LK-93 50cal knight, shoots 100gr pyrodex 260gr knight bullets, never had a deer go more that 10 yards atfer being shot.

All i can suggest is to buy the best M/L you can get and practice, try different powders and bullets, because what might work for me might not work for you. Happy Hunting and GOD bless.

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Got my 4th cheezy CVA - an Optima!

150 grains of powder ?!!!!!!
My goodness I bet that thing packs a wallop on your poor ole shoulder.

Congrats on the Buck !!!

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Got my 4th cheezy CVA - an Optima!

Well,my Optima is a killer rifle. A 180 gr. Hornady sabot w/100gr pellets shoots a 3 1/2" group @ 100 yds. Killed a 6 pt @85yds.,ran about 30 steps. An anterless buck @10yds., between the eyes,
. A doe @ 15 yds., neck shot. All kills on a state game reserve. All killed from the ground while sneaking.
Sadly,I have only 3 days to hunt.(work is a 4 letter word).Rut gettin going here in MS now.


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Got my 4th cheezy CVA - an Optima!

New to the board.......have owned numerous CVA guns....My Optima Pro shoots great. 2 caribou in Quebec one at 154 yards and one at 172 yards. I used 100 grains of Pyrodex and 245 grain Powerbelt bullet. CVA make great affordable guns.

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