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Google Anti-Gun

One more reason why I'm doing my searches with Yahoo now.


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I read about this on another

I read about this on another forum and tried it but saw nothing out of the ordinary. I then read that it was only on their mobile App but I don't have  a fancy phone and the one I do have uses Bing. I'll try on my Tablet at work and see if it censors any firearms search, if it does I'll shut down everything Google related that I can on all of my Puters.

I already only use Yahoo searches anyway so I wont miss it if I find this to be true.




























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If you use Google Shopping

If you use Google Shopping Search that is the site that will block any and all information pertaining to firearms since it is becoming a comerical site .  The regular Google search will stay the same for now.

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Google is just hurting itself if they make their search engine so that you can no longer search for gun related stuff.  Censorship! Why did so many people die and so many surviving sign their names for something they so stongly believed in all so that modern America could revert back to wanting the restrictions we were trying to shake from???  And there are those who disagree that we are moving more towards socialism, all the while accepting socialistic ideals. What a pitty. 

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