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I have seen Coyotes in chops (clear cuts) out to atleast 500 yards but I had the most devil of a time seeing one 125 yards away in a wiregrass/palmetto swamp edge and then I could really only see him when he jumped in the air. He was appearently chasing a field mouse I guess but he would just jump straight up in the air. At any rate, when I put my scope on him at my standard 4x power the dot almost covered his entire body. I let him play and watched in amusement and never did shoot him. However a friend of mine did shoot one with a S&W 44 cal handgun at 75 yards (his yardage estimate) using a laser sight. Made a very big hole. Have you considered carring a handgun when just scouting or setting stands up? Where in Bama do you hunt? I have hunted Pigs and Deer on a friends property outside Eufala and did very well there.

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