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A good weekend.....

One of the boys from the family my Mom has baby sat for had a pretty decent weekend.  He is a sophomore in high school, and his brother is a senior.  They both play soccer for my old high school, and on Saturday, they won the State Championships.  First one in our school history. 

Well, the sophomore followed that up the next day with a nice 6 point, 136 pound buck for the youth hunt.

I'd take that weekend, except I am 20 years removed from High School soccer......... lol


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Excellent news! While I am

Excellent news!

While I am not a fan of youth hunting seasons, I am a huge fan of youths hunting!

you won't see those boys in family court or in the papers for anything but achievements.

tell them congrats and well done all around from me too!

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Congrats to both of them!

Congrats to both of them!Dancing

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