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Good state for son's first out of state deer hunt

I'd like to take my son (and others, a small group) on their first out of state hunt for deer and possibly hogs, bobcats, or another game animal. I was thinking Tx but after figuring up travel costs, hunt costs, etc. I am back to the drawing board. I would appreciate any suggestions. I'd like my son to have the opportunity to take a nice buck (doesn't have to be a record) and possibly hunt other animals. I would like it to be within "reasonable driving distance, nothing over 18 hours). ANY suggestions would be appreciated.



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Good state for son's first out of state deer hunt

if you're looking for #'s and a high chance at harvesting, I'd stick with the south. Around TN, Mississippi, or Bama......Very good #'s on deer, and the racks are getting bigger down there. Also, cost for the out of state licenses aren't too terribly bad down there.

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Good state for son's first out of state deer hunt

One of my friends showed me some pictures of a couple big bucks he killed in Ohio. I have family in West Virginia, they get nice deer about every year. Good luck!

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Good state for son's first out of state deer hunt

For trophy bowhunting try...............

Bucktrails.......... new Bama State archery record was killed there a couple of years ago........over 180 inches....


If you want gun or bow hunting with a chanve to kil a nice mountable buck,

Great folks, good food, and reasonable prices...........

you need to to go to Georrgia............ http://www.boogerbottomhunting.com/

Mr. Mike and Mrs Rita will treat you good!

In Georgia ia another great spot..............

http://www.grayghostplantation.com/ has great deer and turkey hunting opportunities

If you want to take him on a really great fishing adventure............

Tyr this, we went for three days this past spring.................


We traveled and fished in airboats and was blown away at the numbers of bass and the great job these guys did.

Wayne Kendrick



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Good state for son's first out of state deer hunt

Try SW georgia, on the flint river. They are constantly producing record book animals and they also have good bobcat and cyote poulations. And even if you have restless bodies hunting with you, you can always count on thinning the squirrel polulation Big smile

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