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good or bad habits

now that we have had time to reflect on our past season,i'd like to hear some complaints and or compliments, about your hunting partners,and what can be done to improve your hunt.

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Re: good or bad habits

I've kown many of my hunting partners for a long time and couldn't be happier with them. The only minor complaints I have are the same ones they have - none of us seem to have as much free time or as much disposable income as we used to. Our time and money gets tied up in other responsibilities now. Planning and coordinating our hunts seems to get more and more difficult every year.

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Re: good or bad habits

That is the nice thing about a hunting partner. You can pick the good ones and weed out the bad ones. I've been hunting with my brother in law for 45 years now and the only complaint that I would have with him is that he will shoot a less than average animal if given the chance. Where I will usually try and hold out for that larger one. But we do work good together. It is even nicer now that we are both retired and can spend all the time in the field that we want to. This works for me on deer and elk in one state. When it comes to some other hunts in other states I've known my hunting partners for multiple years and couldn't be happier. One of them is a retired Colonel from the marine corps that I met in the field one day. He just happened along and I asked him some questions about the general area. All he wanted to know is what it was that I had under my arm, witch was a Thompson Contender in 357 Herrett. He was just fascinated with it. We have been friends and hunting partners when ever I head to Arizona now for 14 years now.

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Re: good or bad habits

Absolutely no qualms with my closest circle ie. Dad, brother, bro-in-laws, roommate. My only problem right now is trying to get the rest of the group to agree on units and seasons and come together. The blizzard a couple years ago scared off one of our hunting buddies and half the group has gone with him looking for less inhospitable seasons. The last couple hunts have been my most successful but they just aren't the same without everyone around the fire.

We gave in and agreed to try a different area this year and we still can't get everything hashed out. It's pretty sad. This year marks the first time that I am not doing all the planning for the trips. My brother has kind of stepped up and taken the reins on atleast one of the hunts. It feels pretty good to take the back seat for a change. Although I'm still pretty damn oppinionated. ha

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Re: good or bad habits

The only people I really hunt with are my two brothers. We get along as good as brothers do neener! . The only trouble I ran into last year was we worked so hard to get my little brothers first bull and buck. He was tired of hunting by then and didnt want to do any calling or continue hunting with me. After that he pretty much stared at the ground the whole time wanting to be back home. No glassing for animals or looking for sign from him. Oh well though theres always next season.

Next year I'll think twice about letting my brother take the first shot lol.

All joking aside we have a good time hunting together and really no complaints from me other then envy of his great season.

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