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Charlie Brown

In feel like Charlie Brown and Lucy has moved the football again just as I was about to kick it.


I tell you I just don't know anymore. Better grab some grasshopper insecticide I guess. Help!

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I wonder what would happen if

I wonder what would happen if I walk into my place of employment and told them that me having to take a UA was unconstitutional and I din't want. I wonder what they would say or how much longer I would have a job. I think that needs to be fixed. I agree 1000% that people collecting welfare or getting any assistance from the Governemnt should have to submit a test every month in order to keep getting it. Like you I work my butt off only to get 46% of my income taken from me to help pay for crack heads to get there handout and there drugs. This type of stuff really makes me mad and the system needs to be fixed.

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bad news!



i agree with the drug testing. i feel it makes us vulnerable to a loss of civil liberties later on, but the idea that we have these liberties is an illusion anyways.


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Good Job Florida

"Suspicionless drug testing" is an illegal violation of constitutional protections against search and seizure?  Then they need to stop drug testing the military and eliminate drug testing in the private sector as well.  And forget DUI checkpoints.

This isn't a case of a state rounding up people off the street and testing them.  This is a deal, plain and simple: If you want to apply to receive money that was earned by someone else and taken from them, you need to prove that you're not on drugs.  If you want to do drugs, nobody's making you apply for welfare.  It's the same argument behind body scans on airlines.  You don't have to fly...but if you do, there's a price.  You don't see the ACLU complaining that metal detectors are unreasonable search and seizure that denies 2nd Amendment rights.

The productive part of America is getting fed up with this.  I need to submit to drug testing to earn a dollar, but a welfare recipient doesn't have to test to take that same dollar away from me?

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