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Good info on premium bullets

Here's a 3 page article of 10 of the premium bullets available.


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Good info on premium bullets

Interesting article. I think there's a lot to be said for premium bullet's but, I don't think their necessary if your using a proper cup and core for the cartridge your shooting. One thing I do like tho is the bonded bullet's. And that is more quirk with me than necessity.

ith this ever increasing thurst for more and more velocity, standard cup and cores fail to make the grade. The problem is that they don't hold up at normal hunting ranges at super velocities. Then most, the vast majority of game is killed at normal ranges, say 200yds or less. The true need for them, I fail to see other than the guy that thinks he's gonna get the shot of a lifetime at 500yds but doesn't want his bullet blowing up at 50 yds to 200 yds, where he know's in his heart he's gonna get his shot. Oh well, people like them and are willing to pay for them is all that matters.

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