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Good hunting near Ketchum/Sun Valley, ID?

A buddy of mine just bought a cabin and few acres near Kethum/Sun Valley, Idaho. His idea was to have a base from which he and his buddies (including me) can hunt and fish while his wife skis. Was this a good plan or is this area too far away from good big game hunting? I am a whitetail hunter (bow and gun) but have always dreamed of taking an elk, moose and/or black bear. Can we get to this within a reasonable driving time of Kethum? Also how about upland game, coyote or other game?

Also, are tags hard and/or expensive to get? I would appreciate the perspective of anyone who knows this area and Idaho in general. Thanks.

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There is some pretty good elk

There is some pretty good elk and mule deer hunting around there.  I know you can archery hunt for elk with a general season tag and any weapon hunt for deer with a general season tag.  You might be able to general season any weapon hunt for elk, I'm not sure though.

Elk hunting has been hit pretty hard in that area by the wolf poplulation.

I'm not 100% sure what out of state tags cost, my gut instint tells me deer is about $300.

You should be able to find public land that has animals in that area if you look in the right spots.  Be prepared to hunt some STEEP country and be above 7,000 feet all the way up to 10 or 11 thousand.

I shot a decent muley buck with a general tag last year outside of Hailey.

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Always thought about hunting

Always thought about hunting Idaho, but never seriously looked into it.  I'd be interested to see what advice you get.  I have some co-workers up in the Bonner's Ferry area, so I'd have a place to hang out if I did.

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Do not know much about the

Do not know much about the area but I can tell you I have geard some good things about hunting in Idaho.  I have seen many a good reports and watched some Tv and seen  some some real nice animals come from that state.