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I think a .410 would be a

I think a .410 would be a grteat squirrel gun.  I have taken a few with my Gamo pellet gun and it does a great job, just have to have a real nice clear shot to get at them.  For that matter I have taken a few with my bow...so that would be cool to hunt with too.

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well, it's been brought back already!

I would have to admit that I have my best success with a shotgun. However, the idea of hunting with a .22 is most appealing and the last couple of squirrel hunts I've been on have been with the rimfire.

A couple of years ago, two or three fox squirrels continuously barked at me as I sat on stand, hunting deer. To say the least, they simply pi$$ed me off! I vowed revenge and my buddy Al and I did go back after deer season and I positioned myself right where I thought I should be with my Winchester model 490 in hand (really KOOL gun).

I sat for a bit heard one that turned out to be in the tree I was seated against (did I mention revenge?) I whacked him, and had #1 of my tormentors. Not 5 minutes later I heard another and killed this one in the SAME tree. He dripped blood on my backpack as he fell 2' away!

Nope, not another fox squirrel has barked at me since that hunt in Feb 2009!!  Applause

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The .22 is the way to go,

The .22 is the way to go, just the right amount of bullet strength to kill the squirrel but not destroy it.

We used the .22 while making The Squirrel Hunting DVD. I was very impressed with the results.


check it out if you get a second.


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.22LR for squirrel

I only hunt things like squirrel and rabbit about 1 or 2 days a season, and sometimes not even every season.  But when I do hunt these I prefere a .22LR over a shotgun.  I just think putting a small hole through them is much cleaner than having to dig out lead-shot afterwards. I like to use high-velocity Winchester Super-X plated round nose 40 grain bullets.  For suff like rabbits and squirrels I've never seen where hollow points in a .22LR are all that nessesary, though I have used them. Given the choice I just like plated 36 grain to 40 grain round-nose bullets better for that, makes clean holes and kill that size of game very effectively. Nothing more versatile than a Ruger 10/22 carbine in .22LR for small game hunting.  Big smile

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i've only have used air

i've only have used air rifles and a .22lr and .17 hmr ?

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