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good gun for squirrel hunting?

hey guys. im new here. looks like a great place. well anyways.

ive always squirrel hunted with a 20 gauge winchester pump.

i have had a Winchester .22 just never really used it. i bought a scope for it today. a bushnell one. nice scopes.

anyways i was just wandering what you guys preffered for this type of hunting.

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good gun for squirrel hunting?

I usually use a shotgun for squirrels. My dad always used a .22 and killed 100's. He is a great shot and use to limit out most of the time with that .22 LR.

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sqiurrle gun

I use a 12ga shotgun for early season hunts. 22 rimfire for late season when there is no leaves.

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Well, if your a crack shot use a .22 but the scope is not recommended on account of squirrels running through tree tops are hard to find with a scope. But if your less than pro shot use the 20 gauge witch is what i use.

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good gun for squirrel hunting?

I use a NEF single shot 20 guage for when their in the trees. If its windy and the squerls are feeding on the ground I like too use a Marlin .22 LR.

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good gun for squirrel hunting?

I like using my Grandfathers old Winchester pump .410.

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good gun for squirrel hunting?

i like to use a marlin.22

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Re: good gun for squirrel hunting?

Marlin .22 lever action, open sights here. Just plink 'em off the branches.

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Re: good gun for squirrel hunting?

ole hunter ; i use a marlin , the 4th one . wore out too others . decided i liked the clip feed better onthis last one. i use a 4 pr . bsa scope . dont shoot runners . i would have hunted 4 or 5 tines in the past 2 weeks but the snow is too deep for me. and falling down in woods not something i want to do. Thumbs up

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Re: good gun for squirrel hunting?

welcome to BGH Thumbs up I use 20guage single shot and works pretty good.

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Depends on what you do with them

It depends on what you do with them.  If you want to eat teh little rodents I'd recommend a 22 LR.  If you are just trying to get rid of them then I would recommend a twelve gauge with something like a fully loaded shotshell of number eight shot. 

!2 gauge might be considered over kill for squirrels though and you certainly don't 'need' a big twelve.  So a twenty gauge is perfectly fine - especially if you already have one.  It will do the job and give you less recoil to deal with. 

The same is true of the lowly .410, but there are so few pellets in a .410 shell I think I might ramp up the shot size to number six shot.  When you hit them it will be with fewer pellets so you will want each one to do more damage. 


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