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Good Deer Hunting Setup ?

I live in Ohio ( woods, agricultural fields, small parries/flatland, etc. ) and we can only hunt with Shotguns ( rifled or sabot slugs ), bows ( 40 lbs of draw weight or more ), and crossbows ( 80-110 draw weight I think ). I will be using a Mossberg 930 Slug Barrel ( rifled barrel ), Leupold 3-9x40mm Shotgun/Muzzleloader scope, Hornady SST Lites or Lightfield EXP slug ( 2 3/4 white box ). I will use a Flambeau Boss Buck, Wildgame Innovations feed/food plot, and some Rublime slime. I will be hunting in early-mid November, in Tar Hollow Ohio state forest. I would use some deer grunt calls for the first hour, then rattle if nothing happens. I am going to set up trail cams be fore opining day, spot deer, and find the best place to setup.

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Sound ok to me, coming from another Ohioiann. Mid-November is the Ohio Whitetail rutting period, so the bucks will be moving.

Is this your first time hunting? How are you managing to put food plots on state game land? Be cautionous that no one thieves your cameras on public land....

Good luck.

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pretty good

Sounds pretty good to me unless you are hunting thick cover where a deer might jump up at close range.  In that case 3X might be too much magnification on your shotgun unless your scope mount allows you to aim with the iron sites (without using the scope) too.

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