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Good Choice?

Aloha SChunt,
On your scope selection, I personally try to get the biggest objective lens possible. The larger the objective, the more light the scope can gather and the brighter it is. The negative side is the larger objective may require the scope to be mounted higher and could mess up how the rifle fits you.

Good luck on your new rifle - I'm jealous!

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Good Choice?

Hi , your " regular" 270 will work fine with the right bullet. Good luck.

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Good Choice?

i also have to say welcome,the 270 is a good gun to hunt deer and elk with it is what my wife uses and i use it for a backup for my 7mm Mr. Cool!

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Good Choice?

I agree.

I've used the .270 win on deer and elk for a few years now and have had great results when I've shot an animal

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