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Good-bye, Davey

Fess Parker passed away yesterday. I grew up watching "Davey Crocket" as often as I could. It was a time where there were fewer TV channels but more quality in what you saw. Just the opposite now days. Anyone else grow up in the "Crocket" era?

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Re: Good-bye, Davey

Oh yeah, those "coon-skin caps" days.

I remember many afternoons watching Daniel Boone with Fess Parker.

Prayers to his family and loved ones

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Re: Good-bye, Davey

I grew up watching both Daniel Boone and Davey Crocket.....great shows both.

Acording to me aunt who done one ol them "family tree" thingies, I'm related to Daniel Boone...no not Fes Parker but the real deal....heck I even gots me a coon tail cap Thumbs up

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