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Good Buy????

Well, after buying a trail camera for the first time ever, and giving it to my father last August for his birthday, and having it subsequently stolen 4 days after being put in the woods, I have been leery to drop any $$$$ and have the same thing happen here.

But, I saw a posting on Craigslist yesterday I couldn't believe, and pass up. Some guy posted a Moultrie Game Spy D50, and the photo showed it still in the box. He wanted $30. I was a little skeptical, cause he didn't even word it right. Didn't seem to know what he had. I quickly sent him a text, and my buddy just picked it up for me. Thumbs up

I guess the kid only hunts birds, got the camera from his grandmother as a present, and needed $$$$ for gas. So, it's not stolen, all legit.

I know it's not the top of the line or anything, but for $30, I am not going to complain. Well, at least until it gets stolen....... Whistling

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so far, i have been really

so far, i have been really fortunate on not having any of my cameras stolen. the same goes for tree stands as well. although last year somebody took my steps (i hunt next to a big park/refuge) so it was probably somebody who thought they were still in the park.

congrats on the pick though. you definately got a good deal on that one.

if you find any of those for a little cheaper, and with some free shipping involved... just send em my way if you don't mind? Big smile

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I've never used a game cam. I

I've never used a game cam. I can't figure out how a guy can take one out in the woods and just leave it there hoping it will still be there when he gets back. If you would put a hundred dollar camera on a tree and walk off and leave it, would you tack a hundred dollar bill to the same tree and walk off?

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Fear of theft and only

Fear of theft and only hunting public land is what has kept me from buying one and using it. I may put one on the land I purchased last year but there are very few animals using it at this time.

Sounds like you got a great dea,l I hope you can put it to good use with better luck this time.

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