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in stead of starting a new

in stead of starting a new post about boots im going to drag up this old one...

i have always worn the danner pronghorn...until now. i purchased a pair of the "new" design and on my first hike in them maybe 12 miles total the stitching across the new toe cap was all scuffed off and the boot was coming apart. sure danner says they will replace them no charge but do i really want to be in a boot that is going to do this on a short hike in mild conditions? nope

it was not just this pair of them that will do it. if you look at a new pair notice how the stitching sits above the leather on the black toe cap....now imagine climbing and hiking over taller rocks or deadfall... first foot over no problem but then drag the back foot over and the toe will scrape on the log, right, well the toe scraping on that log will scrape the stiching right out of your new 180$ boot...

not badmouthing danner because they are a great company but this design sucks.

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I picked up a pair of Danner Pronghorns Insulated very comfotable  had them 2 weeks hope they last I leave on my first Elk hunt in about 4 weeks.Thumbs up

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Good luck on your hunt,

Good luck on your hunt, indianw. Thumbs up Remember to post some pics of that huge elk you kill. Yes

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do your new pronghorns have

do your new pronghorns have the BLACK toe cap. look at the stitching and you will notice that it is above the grain...that is where the problem is.

ive been wearing my new kenetrek mountain extremes for a few days now...wow are the stiff...lots of support and super comfy... just not soft bottomed like the pronghorns.

also i found some old style pronghorns a scheels allsports, 1000 gram insulated(i figured for treestand hunting) paid 119$ out the door.