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Good Boots for Elk Hunting Colorado in Mid October

Just curious if anyone could give some tips on good boots for Elk hunting in Colorado, Unit 62. This is my first time hunting for elk, I have some Danner pronghorn boots, but I think I need some other boots.... Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

I am assuming I should have two pairs with me also?



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Good Boots for Elk Hunting Colorado in Mid October

two pairs for sure and if you do get some new boots make sure you wear them alot prior to your hunt. I like mendels. You can get them at Cabelas but, what ever you buy make sure they are all of these things.

water proof
has a good sole
and light.

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Good Boots for Elk Hunting Colorado in Mid October

Two pair at least.
I'm partial to the Wolverine brand due to their lite weight.
I have an 800 gram thinsulate pair and a 1200 gram pair. I try to plan it so I wear the heavier pair on days I'm figuring on sitting more and the lighter pair on days I'm figuring on walking more... or the weather.
I have a 1000 gram pair of Rockies that are noticeably heavier than my 1200 gram Wolverines.
Side note: I'd gladly pay a little more for a brand that was made in the US if anyone knows of any?


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Try Belleville

Check out Belleville. I wear Belleville flight boots and they are the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn! And those are steel toe! I ordered some on line that are goretex and insulated and have the eyelets all the way up. I walk right out of hooks, so eyelets are a must for me. I received the pair I got for my Colorado Elk hunt and they are just as comfortable. They are desert tan and suede, but will be excellent for 10-20 miles a day! http://www.bellevilleshoe.com/

Look for the ones you want, then find a cheap vendor from google. Belleville's are sized exact, so figure out your actual size, and go from there.

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RE: Good Boots for Elk Hunting Colorado in Mid October

Thumbs up Good choice on the pronghorns, they should do you just fine. I have been wearing them for years now and would not wear anything else on my feet! ... and this ol' fat guy goes into the high & back country to stalk my game.

One defining inquiry though; do you have the insulated pair or non-insulated? I have a pair of both, along w/ a pair of the 5" Danner Chuka style which rounds out my entire line-up. I use this pair when deep snow or water are not going to be an issue, like on warmer days and when you are climbing the steep stuff. The lower fit on the leg allows much more movement on the ankle when your trying to meet up with those goats & sheeps, and those elk & mulies who think they are a goat!!!

Definately agree with the multiple pairs; that is a definate must. If you already have the insulated ones then you should be good for anything in Oct. and I would only suggest buying the un-insulated set. Visa versa; if you already have the un-insulated pair then add the insulated set.

And lastly; these Danner boots absolutely have the best tread pattern I have ever seen for any type of terrain!! They grip extremely well on the slick and hard stuff, and the mud DOES NOT cake-up on them like all the other boot I have ever owned!

Best of luck on your hunt! ... safe hunting to everyone!

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Good Boots for Elk Hunting Colorado in Mid October

I like the line of Irish Setter boots.

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Good Boots for Elk Hunting Colorado in Mid October

Have a look at La Sportiva glacier's or makalu's. I've had a pair of makalu's for six years now and they are great. They have vibram soles that you can have resoled if they wear out. I've ice climbed, hunted, hiked, and worked in them a lot and highly recommend them. La Sportiva makes climbing and hiking boots for some of the worlds best climbers. Their boots have been to the top of mount everest and everywhere else in between. I would never buy boots form cabelas or such. lasportiva.com

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Good Boots for Elk Hunting Colorado in Mid October

I walk a lot, all year long. At the least every Saturday on the off season I walk around looking at things. I go through boots.

I stop by my local Gander Mountain every week or so just for a couple minutes in the spring. They never fail to have a big sale on boots after there is no more chance of someone buying hunting boots. This year I bought five pair for $146 including tax. I like em all, Danner, Irish Setter, whatever. I save the best lightest ones for the season and beat the others to death.

All these shoes seem to be made in China. Resoles aren't an option. The goretex booties they are all lined with keep out the water when they are new. After three of four hundred miles they leak, then they start to deform and tear up and I toss em. When you think about what we used to use for boots they measure up pretty well. Cheap, light, they do the job for a while.

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Good Boots for Elk Hunting Colorado in Mid October

For Sub Zero weather I have a pair of Irish Setter Elk Trackers with I think 1000 grams of insulate. For my Sept. Muzzle hunt I picked up a pair of light 200 gr Danner Ghost boots which are light and comfortable.

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try Kenetrek from Montana , I have Packboots for snow mud.They make excellent boots and my next pair will be Kenetrek Mountain. I wear Meindel Ibex, mid season(Cabellas). And Cabellas Silent sneakers, originals, excellent early or hot weather. I wear Danners everyday at work, and most of they're boots are made in good ol' USA Yes

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Good Boots for Elk Hunting Colorado in Mid October

Good Choice with the Danner, for an insulated boot, the Danner MT Cold Weather Boot. The most comfortable boot I have worn Converse Men’s 8 Inch Rapid Response but this boot is NOT insulated.
Best of luck on you Elk
M. Bird