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Good Bolt Action .22 Magnum under 250$ ?

What is a good ( accuracy, reliable, and popular enough to find information on ) .22 Magnum Bolt Action Rifle ? It has to print good groups at 25 yards ( ~1 in ) and decent at 50 ( 1-2 in ). I am not familiar with accuracy expectations with rimfires so if a 250$ or under gun can do better I will be extremely pleased. I want this primarily for a step-up from the .22 lr. I no longer like the .22 lr for game bigger than rabbit ( and I would rather use my .22 caliber air rifle for rabbit sized game ), due to some raccoons not going down with a heart and lung shot. The .22 magnum has nearly double the muzzle energy ( 150 ft.lbs to 300+ ft.lbs ). I would also like to know what are some good bullets to try for game the size and weight of raccoon-coyote sized game. I have looked at the Marlin XT-22 for about 206 on cheaper than Dirt.com

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Marlin or Savage would fit the bill. They both make good bolt 22 mags with the kind of accuracy you're looking for. The Marlins often have crappy triggers that might need some work to get best accuracy. Certain Savage models have the Accu trigger I believe which is great for getting the trigger right where you like it. Savage has a nice thumbhole stock model I've seen. The fifty grain 22 mag ammo would be good I think for yotes and racoons.

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If I was looking for a rifle

If I was looking for a rifle like a .22 WM I would change the caliber to a .17 HRM.  It works wonders on coyotes and ground squirls and in my book it is a better round than the .22 WM. 

Savage offers this rifle in a package deal for only $320.00

Marlin offers a multipul configerations for this round in their bolt action rifle. 

Also check the availability of ammo.  I have found .17 HRM all over the place this past year but very little .22 WM. 


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I don't know if they make it

I don't know if they make it any more but I have a marlin mod 783. Very goog gun. One draw back for me is the tube feed rather than a clip feed. I keep thinking I'm gonna sell it some day and get one with clip feed. My son has a 17 RF and he absolutely love's it. His only complaint is the cost of ammo. I don't know what it cost but I hear a lot! The 22 mags aren't all that inexpensive and they don't have to good bullets of the 17 RF. I'n not sure that good bullet iws necessary in a RF cartridge. One advantage he does have worth noting, is his rifle is more accurate than mine. If I were thinking of going shooting volume in a sage rat field, I would rule out the 17 because of ammo cost. If I was hunting rabbits or squirrels I would rule out the 17 and the 22 mag because of excess damage to the animal. Acutally, this year I'm thinking of getting back into rabbit hunting and maybe squirrel's but the gun of choice wwill now be my 410 SxS. Rabbits to far off woill be much easier to hit. Rabbits and squirrel's moving will also be easier to hit. Shooting squirrel's in a tree, the 410 is much safer.

But now, if I were in s surviel situation, I'd grab the 22 mag, even over the 22 LR.

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