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If a person threatens you

If a person threatens you with a weapon, why don't you just shoot him/her before it does get out of hand? What if the weapon was a knife? I understand confrontation's with a knife usually get the officer cut up pretty bad.

Funny thing for me. When I was in Europe in the service, we were out on a training mission in the field. I was on guard duty one night and all hell broke loose, a whole lot of rifle fire! Turns out the unit training us got a bunch of blank ammo and rushed out parimiter fireing full auto weapons. Our guards on the perimiter folded right there!

Imagine if you'd have come into contact with those two holding weapons and opened up with blank ammo! You'd probably be in a lot of trouble but I can imagine the looks on their faces!

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Sounds like fun.  Hopefully

Sounds like fun.  Hopefully you get some good shots in.  Let us know how it goes.

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Get to do my CSB tomorrow,

Get to do my CSB tomorrow, and take it out on some bags.  Not sure if they'll break out the Redman, since it's just a yearly re-certification, but we'll see..... Wink

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did ya get any good shots in?

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Wel, infortunately, there was

Wel, infortunately, there was no redman drill.  It was powerpoint training, and then some bag drills.  Maybe I'll get to do it next time.

I did get to shoot a couple extra weapons last week though.  That's always fun....... Wink

My H&K P2000, an M-4, a UMP .40, and the always reliable Remington 870........

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As I was reading your post I had a thought that I think some may agree with.

If you are confronted with an adversary with a lethal weapon or instrument why are you using a less lethal method to attempt to gain control? I think this sets a bad precedence. It's said that one reverts to their training when confronted with a dangerous situation and it appears that your training is setting you up to fail.

Do not mistake me sir as I find weapon retention and disarming a handy tool to have in the tool box, and have used it myself in the past, it's just that I think you are being taught to respond inappropriately to lethal encounters even if only subconciously.


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