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Gone....Lost...Bad Apples

Found out this past weekend my hunt'n season has come to an anbrupt stop.The property i have had permission to hunt for the last 6 year's is Company Owned.Well thank's to a couple Bad Apples in group their's probably a couple hundred that are P'd Off,me be'n one of the P'd.I'm Thankful for the last five or six year's i've had,just hope Owner get's this smooth'd out and changes his mind.I've got to make arrangemint's this weekend and go in an retrieve my stand's.

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Man, that's a bummer.  Sorry

Man, that's a bummer.  Sorry to hear you're hunting spot has dried up.  Sadly, there can be 100 model hunters, polite, respectful, grateful, etc., and it only takes only a**hole to sour the landowner and not want to deal with hunters at all.  I can't say that I would be too different if I was a landowner (never been a landowner or had the responsibility to administer any private property), but it doesn't make the situation suck any less for those of us who try to be model hunters.

Hopefully you can find another area for future years.

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That sucks dude!

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Sorry to hear that.  It

Sorry to hear that.  It always sucks when someone screws it up for the whole group.  Just out of curiosity, what happened?  Just people being stupid, or something more serious?  Any chance those of you that are not the bad apples can still gain access?

Good luck finding a new spot!

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Sorry to hear about your

Sorry to hear about your hunting situation. banghead   That really sucks!  How much longer does your hunting season last this year?  Hopefully it works out so that you can get your hunting access back.  

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Like the others I'm sorry to

Like the others I'm sorry to hear about the situation your in. It seems you've been having all kids of problems this year from readin all your previous posts. Hopefully you can get this one straightened out and not have to pay for the actions of the other "bad apples" out there.

Good luck my friend I hope you can salvage the rest of the season.

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  Well... I will pile on here


Well... I will pile on here - I am sorry to hear of your loss of private hunting land.  I think that definitely happens when more people are allowed to hunt a property then the odds of that bad apple ruining it increases dramatically.  That is unfortunate.  HOWEVER, I would not give up on this property just yet.  If you have personal contact with the owner I would schedule a face to face visit with him/her and discuss the issue at hand and then offer what you could do to assist in rectifying so your right to hunt can be reinstated.  What is the worst that can happen?  They say no.  Now just a suggestion - your next private property owner that is secured make certain you have face to face contact with them a couple of times during the year to solidify your hunter safety and ethics as well as find out if anything you are not aware of is happening to see if you can assist in stopping it.  Bottom line - a greater positive re-ocurring interaction with the private property owner holds you highest in regards to anyone else just using the property with no interaction.


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