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going solo

whats the best way to hunt a timber by myself.

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going solo

I like to hunt either in the rain or a high wind (so the deer cant hear you) and hunt into the wind or hunt a cross wind. Move very slowly, take a few steps and stop and look. You want to try to spot anything out of the ordinary, movement, a horizontal line where all the other lines are vertical (the top line of the back of a deer in the sapplings), Something very shiney where every thing else is drab (the animals hair or fur has a sheen to it) an ear, an eye, ect....
Move very slowly and wait for 5 or 10 minutes before moving on. You will be suprised at the things that will materialize in a place that you just looked and saw nothing.

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going solo

Good advice Thumbs up Be careful if you are in one of those public areas you talked about being full of hunters. you don't want to get shot. Like Hunter said wait till later in the season when fewer hunters are in the woods and the deer have settled down from opening day.
You can also put your scouting to work and setup a blind or treestand on a hotspot. However, becareful once again if your on public ground your stand or blind may disappear.

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going solo


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