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GMU 70 Muley Hunt

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Just got back from a GMU 70 Muley hunt with my dad and brother. Bagged a few forky's. Just could'nt get into the big boys with no weather to get them moving. Finally got some weather on the third day of the season and came across two nice bucks on the last morning of the season, a 4x5 and a 5x5, both at least 28 in. Drove right by them on the way out after we had tagged out on three forky's and a 3x3.

Thas how it go's I guess.
Here are the three forky's a day before a friend downed the 3x3.
Small racks, but they make up for it in the bodies. I'm happy with a full freezer.

Had a cow tag but just to dry and warm. Could'nt get into the elk to save our lives.

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GMU 70 Muley Hunt

Yeah! Meat for the beast baby! Yes

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GMU 70 Muley Hunt

Very nice! Thanks for the story and photos.

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