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GMU 47 Colorado

I just got back from scouting GMU 47. Saw two nice size bulls for a OTC unit. I was going to hunt this area in rifle 2nd season. I wanted to get some tips to see the elk flee as soon as snow starts or hunting season begin. Im new to this unit and have always been extremly curious about it. Dont need any spots since Ive got an understanding of the unit, but I was wondering if anyone had hunted this unit in the northeastern corner near private property. Any awnsers would be the most thanks. Plus I love this site. I have used it for years but never felt the need to post since ive hunted the same unit my whole life. Im signed up now and exploring some new units. 

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Ihaven't hunted that portion

Ihaven't hunted that portion of the unit, but the elk there do not drop with an early snow, nor do they flee towards private land at the first shots. There's a ton of backckuntry that is difficult to get to, plus a ton of dark timber. You have to get in there if you want to be successful, and it ain't easy as you are obviously finding out

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Yea this unit will tear your heart out. Seems like a great unit for a backpack trip with some experienced horses in first season. I like how the whole unit has no roads. Had to hunt this spot. Bringing a couple friends to help out the odds. Ill post pictures if we get anything or if I give you a opinion on that spot that it seems no one hunts. Thanks exbiologist. By the way is the same exbiologist with a youtube page with you in "elk jungle" ?

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