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Global Warming.....hmmmm snow in late march?

I know you were joking, its hard especially here in washington, all i hear about is global warming and how bush stole the election and how hunting is cruel to animals. Some times you just have to blow off some pent up aggression. Like I said sorry for the rant.

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Global Warming.....hmmmm snow in late march?

Thanks for not tearing me a new one, fellas. I'm real concerned with keeping the land and wildlife in shape for future generations. I think I was ranting a lot worse than you were.

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Global Warming.....hmmmm snow in late march?

This year we had 17 feet all to gether thats right not inches but feet. I went snow showing last weekend and as I was going past my shop I was looking down into the windows thats a good four and a half feet of solid packed snow.
Global warming I'm all for it infact I just bought an SUV with a 350 engine, in other words I'm trying to increase my cabon foot print.
I don't by into the Eco whore's like Al Gore or here in Canada David Suzukie who get on a band wagon and make lotts of money by doing speaking toures feeding off the fears of reg citicens. What gives these guys the right, David Suzukie Did his Doctorat studding a beatle( probably John Lenon) Lucy In The Sky With Dimonds. And Al Gore where are his cedintials.
They say Mars is seeing the same type of conditions as the Earth is experianceing, but this couldn't be anomalies of the Sun or any thing.
Sorry for the rant but Brick Wall,) Brick Wall,) .

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Global Warming.....hmmmm snow in late march?

scotjdickey mentioned the last ice age. It's my understanding the depth of the glacier ice along the US-Canadian border then was 3 miles thick! Where is all that ice now? Paleontologists continually uncover fossils of giant prehistoric lizards (dinosaurs) in places like northern Montana where present day winters see temperatures of -50 deg F. Those dinosaurs were cold blooded animals. They needed a warm climate to live in, not the cold temperatures that we have today.

The world is constantly changing. Climates are cyclic. What was once tropical becomes covered with a 3 mile thick ice cap. The ice cap melts. This has been happening for millions of years.

I don't disagree that our reliance of fossil fuels causes pollution and that we need to control and minimize that pollution. I just don't believe in al gore's sensationalism.

This past winter the snowpack in the mountains of Colorado and Montana is substantially above average. The opening of our local golf course is 3 weeks past its usual opening date because the snow is still 1-2' deep on the fairways.

And right now, the global warming this morning has added another 2-3" of that white stuff on the ground, and visibility is about 200 yds. Al gore, like chicken little, preaches global warming. It looks like a winter blizzard to me.

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