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Giving Back To Your Community

Photo taken by Dick Dick Dragiewicz Photo is
of a person I guided. Dr. Dave Hoggerland.
David bid on a donated trip of mine to the
Cancer Grief Center Of Brown Deer. He won
the trip and the donation generated thousands
for the Grief Center.

I guided for 5 years. I no longer guide.
During those years I donated
22 trips to local TU/FF Chapters

and another 13 to people that had fires/
organ transplants/Cancer Grief Centers/
Lymphoma Research/Alzheimer Foundation/
Lions Clubs/VFWs/Solider Injured In Iraq/
Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts

My total donations were 35 ......2 person trips.
ALL verifiable

OVER $10,000 in donations to the clubs and actual people of my area.

Sometimes it is necessary to do more than just fish!

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Giving Back To Your Community

Good on you. Giving back is important to a community. That sure is a scenic and pretty photo.

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Giving Back To Your Community

Thanks for helping out! Thumbs up
I have never done it for a fund raiser but have taken some guys hunting and fishing with major physical imparements and still enjoy doing it.

I will never forget years ago when my dad belonged to the Lions Club and I would help out, like talking the blind kids snowmobiling, they had a blast!

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Giving Back To Your Community

Giving back is very important. We each need to remember & do what we can to help our communities. There are many, many ways to do that! Thumbs up

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