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Gift Ideas For A Hunter!!

Hey Ladies and Gentlemen!

So my boyfriend is big time into hunting and he has been recently talking about trying Moose Hunting for the first time next season! I am not much of a hunter myself. I grew up around it, I know the basics, but thats as far as my knowledge goes. My boyfriend spends so much of his time planning, and executing his trips that it is obvious hunting means a lot to him and I want him to know I support him and that I am taking an interest (and maybe he will start taking some interest in my stuff too ;) a girl can dream) Anyways, I was wondering if any one can let me know what would be a good gift for him? I was thinking about a call because I know there are so many different sounds out there, but if there is something better that maybe a new-moose-hunter wouldn't think of getting for himself?

Please let me know! It would be a HUGE help Thumbs up

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Thats a hard one to answer,

Thats a hard one to answer, without knowing what he already has. A moose call in my opion wouldnt be very good only because you can simply make them out of coffee cans or a funnel from an auto part store. Some times in cases like this its best to either take him to a store like Bass pro shop or Cabela's and let him pick out what he wants or needs and you guys could be spending time together. Or get him a gift card to said stores. Its very thoughtful of you to do this for him, wish my wife would.Help! . anyways good luck.

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While he is already a hunter

While he is already a hunter you may want to look into a nice knife for him.  Depending on his age he may be using one that was given to him or he may of even bought one himself but a nice knife is always a welcomed gift to a hunter.  If you do decide to go this way look at some of the better ones.  A couple of name brands are Buck, Schrade, Kabar, and there are others out there.  If you live in a large city you may be able to go into a mall and find a knife store and see what they have.  Also if you go this way just make sure that the knife is designed for the hunter.  If you need to order it Cabela's has a great line of the major quality ones on their web site. 

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First - kudos for being so thoughtful.  He will really appreciate you supporting his hunt.

I recently had my first sucessful moose hunt and what really helped me was not a call per se, but a video that taught me how to call.  The moose call itself is just a megaphone or a coffee can with a wet string, but coaxing the right sound is teh hard part.  I don't think that you can learn that without HEARING the moose call and that's where the video came in handy for me. 

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Hunting stuff can be very

Hunting stuff can be very user specific or preferred for different reasons. I have always told my wife to not buy me anything by surprise unless we go window shop first. Most of these things can be expensive and it's a shame to buy something not quite right. It's always appreciated but not maybe what we really wanted.

In some cases I have taken catalogs and circled multiple items in the specified price range and then been surprised from there.

She's as picky as I am with her stuff so I do the same for her and it works out perfectly.

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If I was gonna buy a gift for

If I was gonna buy a gift for a guy going on a moose hunt I think I would get them a nice set of waterproof boots.  As moose hunting can and does take place in a very wet area of the  woods.  as boots can be tough to buy for a person this would be a good opurtunity for a gift card with a picture of some boots along with it...that is what I would want.

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Maybe a nice soft cushion for

Maybe a nice soft cushion for sitting, cause in most states, he's going to be sitting a long time waiting for a moose permit.... lol

Seriously though, very cool of you to think of his moose huntingdesire when picking out a gift.  Gift cards are always great, but some think they are impersonal. 

Where do you live?  Anywhere near a Bass Pro or Cabelas?

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