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Getting your gal involved

If you have been trying to get your wife or GF involved in outdoor activities, heres a nice warm weather on teh water opportunity to get here interested. An "outdoorswoman" workshop on Lake George in June.


Becoming an

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Although my wife does enjoy

Although my wife does enjoy to do a little camoing once in awhile when the weather is good or maybe go for a rride in the boat she has no desire to to actually hunt or fish herself. I don't mind this situation at all though because she fully supports my outdoor activities one hundred percent.

She grew up eating fish in the Phillippines so actually pushes me out the door to go fishing, Since there is no limit on Stripers and catfish where I go in Utah there have been years that over multiple trips I have brought several hundred fish home that were happily eaten before the year was over. The freezer is empty of  fish now and she keeps asking when I can get some more.

As far as hunting she has never tried it but greatly enjoys the meat I bring home, especially antelope. Her son is in college in Denver and it really helps with his bills.

Now what she does enjoy is shooting. It's a great time watching her practice with a home defense 12 guage loaded with buckshot. It pounds her good but she loves it and never wants to quit for the day. That and a .22 pistol she bought about 8 years ago can keep her busy for hours.

Some guys like their spouse or girlfriend with all the time out there but I have to admit I enjoy going alone sometimes and just enjoying a quiet and relaxing day alone.

Thanks for the link though and I hope it helps someone out.

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Getting the women involved

Way back in the early sixties when I was courting my wife, she actually went out deer hunting with me a few times.  She tagged along and didn't even complain much.  We were young and in love and just wanted to be together.  After we got married, the hunting together came to an end.  She loves the meat and she supports my hunting habit, but just has no desire to go along and get cold.  We did spend a considerable amount of time out fishing together though.

Then came the kids..... One son and two daughters.  I took all of the kids out fishing and hunting and gave them the experience.  Our son is an avid hunter to this day and takes his kids out.  Our youngest daughter wanted to be a part of it so she took up archery and did quite a lot of shooting.  She never got a deer with a bow but enjoyed her time with me in the field.  When we moved to Washington she wanted to rifle hunt with me.  On her first day out she took a very nice 3X4 mule deer which I had mounted for her.  I enjoy going to their home today and listening to visitors tell her husband that he shot a nice deer.  I enjoy it even more listening to him telling them that it was wife that shot the deer.

Then came grandkids.  I have been fortunate in that my granddaughter loves to hunt with me.  She took her first deer a couple of years ago and actually took the largest Merriam turkey ever taken by a woman in our state.  She joined the high school trap team and competed at the state level.  Shooting and hunting is a part of our family.

Yes, it's great to have the ladies along on a hunt.  If not the wife, then a daughter or even a granddaughter.

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Thanks for the link, but I

Thanks for the link, but I think it's a bit far for us to travel. Big smile

My wife has been deer hunting with me since shortly after we were married. She has probably taken a dozen deer with her rifle which I gave to her for Christmas one year.

What she really loves though, is fishing - in the summer. She often reminds me that her favorite temperature is "warm", so ice fishing is definitely out. But when we go fishing in our boat, I'm often the one who is saying, "Don't you think it's time to go in?" She rarely agrees without a sad tone in her voice.

We fish Saginaw Bay and its tributaries for walleye quite a bit, and so far, she has caught the largest one. I tell her it's because she has such a good guide who puts her on the fish. Yes


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Unfortunately, it's never

Unfortunately, it's never going to happen with me.

She was born and raised a city girl.  She doesn't see the need for hunting, but at least respects my decision to do so. 

She's one of the ones that as long as she does not think about where the meat comes from, like chickens and cows, she's okey. 

However, if she knows that the animal was actually living in the wild and got shot, she's a little "sad". 

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I have the story's of my X

I have the story's of my X wife that did hunt with me and even took a couple nice buck herself but to that I wont add her story's here because I wouldn't  post the pic's.

My new wife used to hunt year's ago and even took one herself but since has given up on it. I've tried to talk her into it again with me but nope, no interest now though she's told me on many occasions that she knows my love for it and would never say anything to deter that. THANK GOD I met her,lol  In the 3 year's we've been together and married 2 she sure does love to see me come home with venison as she does love to eat it as much as I do. Thumbs up

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Rem2 Arms – as long as she supports your hunting habit and doesn’t tell you that YOU can’t hunt, THAT is the important thing!


BTW – my birthday falls in May (turkey season) and when my wife asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year I told her that I wanted her to come turkey hunting with me!

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