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getting trophies home?

Hello all,

I have 6 trophies nearly finished at Highveld Taxidermy in South Africa. Soon, I'll need to have them shipped to my home in the US. Can anyone tell me of companies that ship and do all the customs paperwork? One company wanted to ship by air...I'm guessing that air freight is much more than ocean freight. I've beentold that some companies charge thousands  or hundreds more than another for the same service. Please tell who you used, air or ocean, customs problems etc.. Thanks. 

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i have used coppersmith,

i have used coppersmith, located here in the states.  they can arrange everything, including a shipper located there that can deal with the african paperwork, veterinary certification, etc.  i have never had my stuff shipped by boat, but you could ask them about it

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Just a FYI, not too many

Just a FYI, not too many shipping companies are still using ocean freight. I second coopersmith.

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Not something I know much

Not something I know much about but I spoke to a fellow recently that made several trips many years ago. He said ocean frieght was a bad idea as they were damaged pretty badly when he finally got them.

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