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Getting ready

All the gear has been squared away, gun cleaned, new mouth calls. Picked up my NJ permits yesterday, I already had New York's. I'll pattern the shotgun this weekend and start scouting Sunday morning. I already know the areas that I'll be hunting but I need to get into the woods. It's been a long winter. My cabin fever is beginning to break.

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Getting ready

Yes, I'm getting ready too. I've started practicing with by bow. You see, I'm going to attemp to take a tom with my bow. I have a good place to hunt. There are a bunch of birds on this property and I have the ideal place to put up my pop up blind. I really really want ot take a bird with my bow. Stay tuned.

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Getting ready

I've been seeing a few Tom's out and around the house here in Maine , haven't tried getting one with a bow yet .. just trying to up grade from the jake I got a yr ago with my 870 ...

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