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Getting a product to market

  Do any of you have experiance with getting an invention to market?
How does one avoid having their idea stollen? Is getting a patant worth it?
How does one go about getting chain stores to handle your invention?
Is selling via ebay a good idea?

  Sorry, I know, a lot of questions. I am starting from scratch here.

I thought it would be a simple matter. Build a better mouse trap and all that you know. But I'm finding it is anything but easy.

I think I have a better product then anything on the market now, but doesn't every inventor? LOL Thing is I looked at what's available and I wasn't impressed. I've produced about fifty of my mounts, oh did I mention, my invention is a trail camera mount. Anyway, so far all the feedback I've recieved is positive. People like my product. At least those who have one do.

Will it sell well? I don't know. I know nothing of marketing. I'll say this. my mount can be installed and the camera mounted and aimed in under two minutes. It has a wide range of movement in both the vertical and horizontal planes, it is simple to build, simple to use and inexpensive. Under $15.00.  For me the best part is one can leave the mount in place if desired and use it season after season with minimal adjustment each time a camera is installed. The tilt adjustment need not change, if you don't want it to. Simply reattatch the camera and adjust the horizontal adjustment to the desired angle and tighten the thimb screw.

So how do I get my invention to market? I'm a truck driver so I have a very limited budget.
I can't afford the patant application fees, I have no idea how to get the big retailers interested in my product. And I think it's only fair that I be able to make a profit, however humble that profit may be, off my invention.

So do any of you have any ideas. Do you know who might be able to help me?
Or do you think I should just forget about the whole idea?

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good start

If you have already made 50 of these, get someone to write a review and start spreading the word.  I have done a dozen or so published product reviews but don't use trail cams so I'm not much help. IMHO you have the right idea spreading the word on hunting websites.  Make a few dozen and put them up for sale.  See if you can get some sold and then offer discounts for repeat sales and referrals.  If the product is good, and the market wants it - it should just about sell itself once people begin to see it.

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