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Getting my Browning X-Bolt zeroed

Got my X-Bolt early in the year at a gun show. Sweet deal, brand new for around $300 off retail so couldn't pass it up. Took some time to find a scope. Went over budget on the rifle so had to spend a little less on the scope. Settled on a Bushnell Trophy XLT DOA 600. Got a pretty nice deal on that, too. There's a place out here called Dragon Man's. Paintball, 2 ranges (one is a 200m), class 3 arms dealer, gunsmithing, dirt bike track, has yearly show and fires off Browning M2 .50 cal's, chain guns, you name it.

Well, wasn't too happy with the range for needing to sight in. It's a safe range, don't get me wrong. RSO controlling everything with hot and cold times, etc. If I just wanted to go and sling a bunch of rounds downrange it would have been fine. But it didn't fit what I needed. I couldn't fire 3 rounds, check my target, make adjustments, let the barrel cool, etc. The biggest thing was wanting to walk down and physically eyeball the target. I could see every hole with my scope but wanted to be able to walk down range. This time also was very helpful to let the barrel cool between shot groups. The range was hot for 20-25 minutes then cold for maybe 10 for new shooters to set up targets, swap out old for new targets, adjust target distance, whatever.

Found a nice spot in Teller County north of Woodland Park in the national forest. Plenty of distance to be able to fire into the hill side to a little beyond 200yds. No one else out there. Legal. Safe. Perfect. Walked my target out 100yds and here's the story.

Here's the setup:


First 6 rounds hit low, under the target. The next 3 were on the low side of the target. Made some more adjustments and group 3 on the paper were nice. Was getting used to the rifle, concentrating on breathing and trigger squeeze, body position, and generally taking my time to get good shots off.


After the 3rd group on paper I made 1 more adjustment. I had a small cross wind for that grouping so I didn't adjust for windage but came up a little with elevation. Tack driver!


After that group I took 3 more shots, a little more hurredly because we don't have 1 minute to get on target, breath, adjust, breath, squeeze, breath, squeeze, BANG! Still got the next 3 rounds within a 2 inch circle.

At this point I moved the target out to what was 175 - 200 yards. Need a little more practice but put 8 of 9 rounds into a circle the size of a fast pitch softball. Pulled one, gotta work on that. Not as tight as I'd like but will definitely work.

I'd need to get out there again soon and verify my zero but that day, 30 rounds through a .300WM and I thought a mule had kicked my shoulder, repeatedly!


Well, there's my story. Big smile




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Real Nice.  Yeah I found that the national forest is usually a good place to shoot.  Problem is recently that there are initiatives to ban shooting on public land in national forests along the front range.  Too many Californians moving here and building there new homes near our open space and they don't want shooting going on near their home.  I sure miss the old Colorado.  I might just have to move to Wyoming, Montana, or New Mexico. 

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That's one nice thing about

That's one nice thing about living here on the Western Slope.  I can drive for 10 minutes and have a 1000 yard range all to myself.  Not to mention a 15 minute drive and be in my elk hunting territory.

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It bugs the heck outta me

It bugs the heck outta me that you can't fire in the nat'l forest in El Paso county but run over to Teller and go for it. Good thing where I went only takes 30 minutes to get to. It's actually quicker than going out to Dragon Man's.. and saves the $10 range fee. I just wish people would police their own brass. That chaps my ... ... backside.

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Looks like you got a great

Looks like you got a great rifle for a great price. My only Browning is an A bolt I picked up new for my daughter a few years back for under 400 when Walmart quit selling guns for awhile.

I almost never go to a public range anymore as I have several great spots on blm land that I can shoot for as far and as often as I need to with no one to bother me. And later go hunting in the exact same spots that I practiced in.

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