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Getting down to bear baiting business

Well I set out the first bait barrel I ever built, strapped it to a tree with two ratchet straps so tight I couldn't budge it and filled it with popcorn, 5 gallons of fryer grease and about 30 pounds of various meat..... Well I went in to check on it after being out for 4 days and the barrel was gone!!!!!! the area was tore up and the lower ratchet strap was just ripped in two.... strong bear to break a 1500 pound strap..... unbelievable to say the least so I followed the run that I figured the barrel went down and found it about 100 yards away... dented badly and empty... grrrrr so back to the cabin to do another barrel this time I took a polly barrel and put a feew inch and a half holes in it and took it back out to my bait site filled it about half way with popcorn and meat scraps and 5 ore gallon of fryer grease and attached it to a tree with a cable and set out a trail cam this time....... checked it in two days and had 200 pics on the cam..... about 10 different bears maybe more, a couple biguns and some 150 pounders, a couple sows with cubs, hitting it all hours of the day and night.... needless to say it looks like a good spot only trouble is keeping the barrel loaded that is 325 miles from home.... here are a couple pics


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I will usually use the two

I will usually use the two barrel technique. One poly barrel and one steel. I will chain one of the barrels to the tree and then chain the barrels together. It seems to discourage them from attempting to drag the barrels off when they have to contend with the other barrel rolling around in unison.

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