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Getting better

I have been practicing and practicing and can now shoot at 35 yards.  We took the SD Bow Hunter Safety Class and passed.  We had to get new brushes for our arrow rests because the old ones were tearing up our fletches. I got new arrows with the correct spine for my draw weight and length.  Everything is looking up and I can't wait for bow hunting season to start.  I am having so much fun with archery that I wish I had started earlier.

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Good deal, keep up the

Good deal, keep up the practice. I have ramped up my routine too, I've been out shooting at variour ranges, things are looking good, during the winter i usally only shoot at 20 yards at the indoor range. now that its nice out i can get to the outdoor ranges and shoot at 40,50,and 60 yards again. now if only August would get here.

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Congrats...keep at it and

Congrats...keep at it and before you know it you will be good out to 60 yards or so.  Maybe consider switching to a drop away and you will save your vanes and maybe even pick up a bit more consistency on your shooting.....quieter too...and less drag on the arrow.

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It been real nice getting out

It been real nice getting out shooting my bow too.  got deer and antelope tags this year with bow.  I had to put a little more money this year in to getting bow ready.  Just might break down and buy a bow press this winter.  save some money.  I shoot 40 arrows every other day.  10 arrows at each range.  20, 30, 40, and 50 yards.  About a week before my hunt i will start shooting out to 70 yards.  don't ever want to shoot that far but better save then sorry. 

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SD, I am impressed.  I think


I am impressed.  I think I got back into archery about the same time you started, and I am still working on my confidence at 20 yards.  About 90+% of my shooting is at 10 yards in my basement, but I was hoping that it would prove more beneficial at longer ranges.  However, I also have been enjoying archery and share the sentiment of wishing I had got into it sooner.  Thanks for sharing your progress and good luck going forward. 

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