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Getting back into hunting. GA-FL- need advice.

My wife and I have relocated to FL from Alaska and I wanted to get back into hunting. She would be new to the sport.

We have shotguns 20 ga. and a 12 ga., but when we left AK, I sold my Sako .338 win. mag. as I saw no use for it here. (still crying over that )

Are shotguns adequate for Deer, and hogs in FL or Southern GA ?

Do I need to join a hunt club or a lease, or can I find some success for deer, turkey and hogs on public lands?

It seems GA has plenty of deer and lots of big Wildlife Management Areas.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Newbie to your site. Thanks for having us.

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Getting back into hunting. GA-FL- need advice.

Welcome to BGH steelheadern
Alaska to Florida......other than the bugs there will not be anything in common between these to States !! Laugh

Shotguns are enough for most situations in Florida and Georgia, depends on the terrain and skill at getting close enough. Sometimes (lots of times) the cover is so thick that shotguns are the best choice. I use a shotgun a little less than half the time when hunting but I also hunt INSIDE the big swamps that most avoid.

I would recommend private land or a lease if you can afford it only because of the number of hunters and non-hunters on public land. However I have had great success on public land but as mentioned earlier I hunt inside the swamps. There are so many Military Bases through-out Georgia, Florida and Alabama that it is rarely more than an hours drive to one from almost anywhere in these States and they have some very good hunting and most are restricted to Shotgun/Black-powder/Archery hunting only.

Where is Sebastian? I may be able to point out specific areas with a better Idea of where you are.

Location: Sebastian, FL
Joined: 03/08/2008
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Getting back into hunting. GA-FL- need advice.

Sebastian is on Florida's East coast, roughly between Daytona Beach and West Palm Beach. I do not mind driving, so go ahead and send me some pointers. You can send me a private message if you want.

I just picked up a 7 mm Mag, also.

I will use very light loads for smaller FL deer and hogs and a little heavier for bigger GA deer.

I picked this gun up from a friend and the deal was too good to pass up. I may swing a bear hunt in the future, as well as a future trip back to Alaska, so this caliber is not really overkill for my needs.

I would like to hunt with the shotguns as well in the tighter cover.

I am also searching for a good deal on a 25-06 or similar for the wife.

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