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...to get a good arrow blow-through

I had heard the other day that in order for a carbon arrow with an over-the-top expandable mechanical broadhead requires at least 50lbs to get a complete blow-through or pass-through when it hits a deer. However, the source that I've heard this from isn't one that I trust on a regular basis.

Curious....is there some type of formula (of draw weight plus draw length or something) that would confirm the above??

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...to get a good arrow blow-through

The arrow weight and bow speed is what you need to know. These are the key components in figuring out the KE (kinetic energy) and will determine how your set-up will do on the game you hunt. The formula for kinetic energy is as follows:

(Total arrow grain weight) divided by (450,435) multiplied by (speed of bow) X (speed of bow).

Most bows with a 50-pound draw weight will produce adequate kinetic energy for hunting. For example, a bow that will shoot 255 fps with an arrow weight of 350 grains will give you about 50 ft-lbs. of energy. With a cut-on-impact type broadhead, a bowhunter will have a set-up that will complete a pass through shot on any game animal here in the Midwest.

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