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Georgia Duck Hunting

The season before I left Northern Maine to be a Damn Yankee in central Georgia I had the opportunity to hunt ducks and geese.  It was the best time I had hunting.  I love deer camp and everything it offers but man hunting water fowl was the bomb.  We did it on the cheap.  Canoed down the Aroostook river putting in north of my town.  Set up on the shoreline of tall straw river grass and just stood around talking, laughing and sharing stories.  Just a good buddy of mine from northern Kentucky and myself hunting.  Pretty bad that an out of stater had to show me how it’s done when I had been living in that town for the past 12 yrs.  No dog, just waders and big fishing net.  We would wait as duck just flew the river and then unload.  Oh my that was some fun.  2 mallards, 1 golden eye and later that afternoon in the last 5 minutes of shooting time the flocks of geese came in.  We could hear shooting up in the potato fields so we just got down and waiting for that honking sound.  I'll never forget how excited I was just looking up with Matt saying "Hooooooold,  Hooooooolllddd,   Hoooolllld,  NOW!"  My 1st Goose dropped just beyond me on the edge of island in tall grass.  I was so pumped you would have thought I just took my 1st Buck.  I ate that bird the next day.

So with all that said, I'm looking to get back into it.  Man I miss it.  Last year on a property along Big Indian Creek in Houston County we had HUGE Mallards and a ton of woodies.  It was my 1st time ever seeing a wood duck.  Gorgeous bird.  Well I had to wait till deer season ended before I could shoot down by the creek.  I didn't get a one.  Had full plans to make sure I set it up right this year but have since left that hunting club.  The new club with just 4 of us is strictly Deer hunting. 

Been thinking maybe the Ocmulgee River at Knowles landing is a good point to put in.  Something tells me it’s a very popular place.  What I really need to find is someone that already duck hunts and learn.

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I love duck hunting Swisher. 

I love duck hunting Swisher.  And, you should be right in the middle of some good shooting down there in Georgia.  Alabama, Mississippi, Louisianna, basically that whole gulf coast area has good bird populations.

I miss the Woodies out here.  The only Wood duck you will see is on a rare occasion one that has taken up residence at a local lake. There is really no migration of them to speak of.  Same with Mallards, they are more of a local bird. They migrate through the area, but nowhere in the number you see in the central or eastern flyway.

The most common ducks out this way are probably ringneck and goldeneye.  There are also decent numbers of pintail, and in some places, canvasbacks.  I actually got my first ever C.B. just a couple of years ago.  Big, big bird.

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My brother in law lives in

My brother in law lives in Georgia dnthey have some pretty good hunting all around for everything on hoofs and wings.  He works with alot of guys that love to hunt deer, turkey and ducks and from what I have heard they do pretty well.  So you should be able to get in alot of good hunts.  They have been trying to get me down there for years to hunt with them....might just have to make a trip to the fall Bristol race next year and then pack my shotgun with me.

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