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General Any Bull In Utah

Hi All.. I'm new to this stuff.. Any body have any luck in any of the open Bull areas in Utah?  I didnt have any luck in the area I was in, unless you count mud as a option.

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A lot of the any bull areas

A lot of the any bull areas in Utah can be a challenge.  Everything from having to deal with the private property to having to get off of the road and back in on the North and South slopes of the Unitas.  I have heard of a few hunters getting into them but not that many.  The storm this last weekend put a damper on the hunt but if you were out in it and off of the roads then you just may of lucked into a bull. 

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I only hunted Utah once,

I only hunted Utah once, about 10 years ago, and it was for mule deer.  I did, however, see way more elk than I did mule deer, so go figure lol

I just wanted to say welcome to the site!  Stick around and check out some of the topics, there's lots of information here.  Be sure to add some photos and stories of your hunts, and good luck this fall!!!

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I am new to this forum as

I am new to this forum as well, I have hunted UT for 18 years, I have only killed 2 elk in utah a spike on the archery and cow elk. The problem you have with open bulls area which I have found is the pressure of the hunters push the elk into the CWU units of private areas. I believe the herds are not as great in the open bull areas as the spike units. I agree if you luck out and kill a bull in a any bull unit your a stud, what sucks is in the spike units you got 5000 other hunters hunting for the same spike you are.  I would love to give you advice on where to go you question is hard cause pretty much every where you go the elk are gone do the best pressure. So i advise you stick to the area u were in and hope u luck out.

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