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Gear Rental

My friend told about a website based in Colorado Springs that rents hunting gear...anybody ever try this out?  If so, please offer a review.  Here is the site:


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I have never had to rent any

I have never had to rent any gear required for a hunt. I would hink it would be great if it was a non-resident traveling to hunt. That would save on some of the fuel costs involved when traveling across country. I have never heard of being able to rent hunting gear. If I was ever in need of rental gear I would consider it. It would seem kind of silly to buy expensive gear needed that would only get used once or maybe two times a year. For me the only thing i would ever consider renting would be camping gear. I would want my own firearm, cloths, and stuff like that. I didn't click the link you provided to see exactly what they offer but I like the idea of a hunter being able rent what he or she needed for a hunt if they were traveling from a different state.

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They rent camping gear also

I agree that it seems like a cool idea, and thats why I thought I'd share.  I looked into the site a bit more...seems they do offer camping gear, including some lightweight stuff for the wilderness.  Again, I am just curious to see if anyone can offer a review:


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Expensive for what you get.

Expensive for what you get. They want $45 to rent a tent that cost $75 new.

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Hi PotholeHunter

It is very interesting to rent some hunting things at that site. But in the vist i can not find something which can be rented.  Help!

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Could be a good idea

Could be a good idea if you are a non-resident and need a wall tent and stove for a back country hunt.  The other piece of gear that I have seen offered for rent and thought that it would be a good idea is a satellite phone for hunting areas without cellphone coverage.  I think that might just be a smart choice if you are going into the African bush or Asian mountains to chase critters.

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Interesting idea. I have

Interesting idea. I have never rented anything other than a car in my life but I can see the advantage of a few things. For the most part I would always want my own gear but I can maybe see a wall tent or I really like the idea of a satelite phone for extreme situations when staying in contact would be needed. Would never need one in normal life so rental would be a great option. Other than that not much unless you wanted to try something really expensive out before you went and bought your own.

Just like I'm planning to go rent a HArley in the spring before I decide if I really need one or not. I've kept my permit for 20 years without a bike to ride.

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